ARCTUR, the main Slovenian HPC and cloud services provider, and SIMTEC, the leading certified channel partner of ANSYS in SE Europe, are announcing ‘ANSYS test drive' on ARCTUR's HPC Cloud offered exclusively to ANSYS customers.

Register free to:

  • Access for 2 weeks ARCTUR High Performance Computing system on the cloud,
  • Run ANSYS CFD or FEA simulations utilizing up to 56 CPU cores,
  • Get full technical support by ARCTUR and SIMTEC on how to setup and run your model,
  • Evaluate how your simulation case scales up in terms of resources and speed.

Registration deadline: November 6th, 2018.

Submit your simulation or computer modeling idea, we are not limited to any specific field of use. Be innovative, address a real use case and demonstrate a high potential benefit from using Arctur HPC infrastructure.


The ANSYS test drive is open for applications up to 6.11.2018. The approved projects will be announced by 8.11.2018 and the first users will be able to start soon after.


  • Application is addressing an actual use case
  • HPC viability
  • Benefits expected by HPC,

15 cases will be selected to get access to Arctur-2 HPC infrastructure and to an appropriate ANSYS HPC license to run their simulations for two weeks.


HPC computing infrastructure and technical support

ANSYS CFD and/or Mechanical


The users can utilize the free resources for evaluation purposes. They will be asked to provide an abstract describing their use case and how they benefited from HPC. This abstract does not need to contain any confidential data. Users are wellcome to provide a whitpaper describing their results if they wish so, the whitepaper will be published through Arctur's and Simtec's channels.

PRIVACY guaranteed!
All simulation details will be strictly confidential. Only a final abstract describing the use case may be used for promotional purposes. You will have the option to submit this abstract under confidential rights, so as it will be only visible by ARCTUR, SIMTEC and ANSYS.


What is the registration deadline?

For how long the usage will last?
Each candidate will get two weeks of HPC and software resources. Not all users are expected to run at the same time.

What happens if we need more resources?
Once you have finished  you can request to purchase additional resources and continue your work.

Who can apply?
All commercial companies that are ANSYS customers.  

How many applications will be awarded?
Up to 15.

What are the conditions to apply?
You will just have to describe shortly your use case implementing ANSYS, what kind of scale-up and the benefits you expect by using HPC..

What is expected from the users?
Once finished the users are expected to provide an abstract describing their use case and how they benefited from HPC.

How do I apply?
Just fill out the form available .