We inspire & empower organisations to reinvent themselves.
We contribute to a more sustainable and equitable future.
We don't follow  the changes,  we co-create them.

We inspire & empower organisations to reinvent themselves.

About arctur

    For more than 30 years Arctur has been pioneering by merging of research, science, art and business. The interdisciplinary spirit is the cradle of innovation in which concepts, solutions and products come to life.


    15. 4. 2024 / GOV & NGOs

    Empowering young innovators: Arctur guides students in solving engineering challenges with AI at the EESTech Challenge

    Arctur, a leading high-tech company, recognizes the pivotal role of collaboration between students and enterprises in driving innovation and fostering talent development.

    21. 3. 2024 / eHealth

    Arctur Presents Cutting-Edge Research and Innovation in Healthcare by Leveraging AI

    As a significant component of the symposium, Arctur's research engineer, Samo Er┼żen, presented two groundbreaking R&D projects within the medical field where Arctur is playing a significant role. Both...

    4. 3. 2024 / eHealth

    Transforming Healthcare: HPC, AI, and ML Insights for Advanced Medical Solutions

    On Tuesday, February 27th, an online event titled "Revolutionizing Medicine and Healthcare: The Power of HPC, AI, and ML for Advanced Medical Solutions" convened, targeting researchers and industry...