Arctur is a privately owned company specialising in advanced and innovative IT solutions, with a strong focus on R&D. For more than three decades, we have been spreading our passion for creativity and collaboration globally from our headquarters in Slovenia, driven by our goal to develop innovative solutions which change the world for the better. We don't follow the changes, we co-create them.

Our mission

By mastering cutting-edge IT technologies, we inspire & empower organisations to reinvent themselves and co-create innovative products and services, contributing to a more sustainable and equitable future. 

Our values


Contribute to new solutions

We're driven to innovate, constantly seeking creative and unique solutions. We challenge the status quo, embracing change and adaptabilityto a find better way forward.


Commit & deliver

We are committed to delivering exceptional results every time. We take ownership, keep our promises, and build trust. We champion sustainability, empowering communities for a better future.

Fair play

Win-win-win solutions

Honesty, ethics, and collaboration define our approach. We consider the needs of all parties, striving for win-win-win solutions in allsituations.

One family

Show that you care

Our culture revolves around caring. We build strong relationships, provide support, and show appreciation, helping our colleagues thrive personally and professionally.

Our core competences

Beauty of merging research, science, art and business is in minds thinking and working as one. Together we create infinite pool of perspectives and experiences that inspire new ways of thinking, behaving, acting, collaborating – getting things done and achieving meaningful results.

Is what binds and drives our whole organisation through constant progress and growth while being able to tackle and successfully execute operations no matter their scale and complexity - from large R&D EU funding projects to implementation of multifaceted client solutions, all in the same house with the same team.

Profound understanding and in-depth knowledge in complex IT software design and development is underlying asset that enables us to innovate and always stay one step ahead in this complex everchanging ecosystem.

For over 25 years, our company is providing exceptional Cloud and HPC services on our own cutting-edge infrastructure with a team of experienced engineers. Our unwavering commitment to excellence has built lasting relationships with clients from all around the world, based on trust and reliability.

Key personnel

Tomi Ilijaš

Tomi Ilijaš

CEO & Founder


Martina Murovec

Martina Murovec

Chief Operating Officer


Tristan Pahor

Tristan Pahor

Head of department HPC & DC 


Metka Špacapan

Metka Špacapan

Head of department WEB


Matevž Straus

Matevž Straus

Heritage+ Lead


Ariana Šumandl

Ariana Šumandl

Head of department 4PM



Ana Furlani

HR manager


Management standards

At Arctur, we hold ourselves to the highest standard of excellence in all aspects of our daily operations. Our well-defined work processes guide and empower us to consistently deliver services that prioritize not only quality and security, but also environmental sustainability.

Furthermore, we have taken great care to align our processes with the rigorous requirements necessary to achieve ISO quality certification. With our unwavering commitment to these practices, we are confident in our ability to provide our clients and partners with exceptional results every step of the way.

Quality management system

Valid since 2014

The standard draws on various quality management principles, including a steadfast customer focus, top management's motivation and commitment, a process-oriented approach, and a drive for continual improvement. Implementing ISO 9001 helped us ensure consistent delivery of high-quality products and services, resulting in numerous business benefits.

quality policy

Information security, cybersecurity and privacy protection

Valid since 2020

ISO 27001 stands as the gold standard for Information Security Management Systems (ISMS) and their requisites. The ISO 27001 standard provides us with a reliable framework to efficiently manage the security of critical assets, such as intellectual property, financial information, employee data, and confidential information entrusted by third parties. By adhering to these globally recognized standard, we can ensure our clients that their sensitive information is in capable hands.

information security policy

Environmental management system

Valid since 2022

ISO 14001 serves as the foundational standard, offering requirements and guidance for implementing and maintaining an environmental management system. The standard also addresses pressing environmental concerns, such as climate change. By leveraging this standard, we can effectively mitigate our environmental impact while simultaneously fulfilling commitments to sustainability.

environmental policy

Gender and Equality Aspects

A prosperous workplace is achieved when people are able to access and enjoy the same rewards, resources and opportunities regardless of gender, sexuality, personal disabilities or beliefs as well as ethnic, religious or socioeconomic background. For this reason, diversity is nurtured among employees and opportunities are available to everyone.

Arctur provides equal pay for work and removes barriers to equal participation of women in the workforce. Hence, more than half of the management staff in the company is female even though that might not be typical for the IT sector.

Workforce participation
43 %

At Arctur women represent 43% of all employees.

Top management position
67 %

In top management positions, women make up 67%.

In addition, continuous professional and personal growth is promoted in various forms as well as mentorship and sharing knowledge between co-workers. Moreover, the company prides itself on employing many young talents and thus employs 46% of personnel under the age of 35

Arctur continuously awards a scholarship to students and support them by offering internships, coaching and hands-on training. Flexible working options are offered to allow employees to accommodate their health needs, caring responsibilities i.e. balance their work and family life as well as their personal preferences. This enables persons with disabilities to equally participate in the work processes and at the same time ensures personal satisfaction and high motivation among the workforce. All this is possible due to the company culture that empowers and values each and every employee, is equality oriented and does not tolerate any type of discrimination.