We help society pass on cultural heritage in the digital, mixed-reality era

Our heritage makes us who we are. Our past shapes the perception of our present and, in turn, how we build the future. New generations are already living in a new mixed-reality world that currently has little space for our roots or cultural heritage. We want to change this.

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10. 5. 2024 / Heritage

Advancing 3D Digital Heritage for Education, Tourism, and Culture

Arctur has played an important role at the event in Ferrara, Italy, held on April 9-10, 2024, where 12 international partners gathered with the aim of focusing on enriching and expanding 3D digital...

12. 10. 2023 / Heritage

Transforming tourism and cultural heritage with 3D technology: Arctur's story

3D technologies offer opportunities to broaden access to culture, preserve our shared cultural heritage and spur creativity and innovation. In support of the Twin It! 3D for Europe’s culture campaign,...

15. 9. 2023 / Heritage

Sončna elektrarna SE-ARCTUR-1

Arctur d.o.o. uspešen na »Javnem razpisu za sofinanciranje operacij gradnje novih manjših proizvodnih naprav za proizvodnjo električne energije z izrabo sončne energije«, oznaka »JR SE OVE 2021«.