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4PM Project Management Application

Boosting your institution’s efficiency with 4PM, your all-in-one project management solution

4pm web app oveview

The Challenge

In the heritage sector, intense competition for funding often creates organizational difficultiesand stress within the team.

Integrate 4PM into your project applications for a competitive edge during selection. Following approval, 4PM becomes a vital tool for task, time, and financial management. Efficient team, partner, and stakeholder coordination is pivotal to ensuring collective goal achievement.

By empowering your project team with 4PM, you save time and ensure the successful management and completion of co-financed projects, streamlining efficiency and professionalism.


  • Our multifaceted tools streamline project management.
  • Planning with Gantt charts aids effective timeline visualization and activity scheduling.
  • Task and milestone tracking simplifies delegation and progress monitoring.
  • Budget tracking provides insights for resource allocation.
  • Simultaneous multi-project task monitoring ensures error-free reporting.
  • Document management supports organized file access.
  • These tools guarantee timely, budget-friendly, and error-free project completion.