Tourism can only be sustainable when it improves the quality of life of the local community

Tourism 4.0 is all about collaboration and harnessing technology for local data collection and management. Data-driven decisions are essential for sustainable tourism. In our rapidly changing world, informed choices are essential to support the local environment, economy, and community. By embracing new technologies, we can transform the tourism sector for the better. 

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12. 10. 2023 / Tourism

Transforming tourism and cultural heritage with 3D technology: Arctur's story

3D technologies offer opportunities to broaden access to culture, preserve our shared cultural heritage and spur creativity and innovation. In support of the Twin It! 3D for Europe’s culture campaign,...

15. 9. 2023 / Tourism

Sončna elektrarna SE-ARCTUR-1

Arctur d.o.o. uspešen na »Javnem razpisu za sofinanciranje operacij gradnje novih manjših proizvodnih naprav za proizvodnjo električne energije z izrabo sončne energije«, oznaka »JR SE OVE 2021«.

4. 1. 2023 / Tourism

Project Amazing AoE was completed successfully

Project Amazing AoE (Amazing AoE Responsible Green Destination Amazon of Europe) was running between July 2020 and December 2022 with the aim to enhance sustainable economic growth and tourism development...