Automated assessment tool home page on a smart tablet

Automated Assessment Tool

Advanced readiness monitoring and individualised progress tracking of large respondent groups

Automated assessment tool home page on a smart tablet

The Challenge

Subjective assumptions frequently form the basis of various strategies. As a result, they may not succeed because they overlook critical readiness-related factors and lack the ability to monitor the efficiency of their actions.

Stakeholder monitoring demands large-scale assessments that require big human and financial investments. Respondents are usually left with generalised results without interpretation and recommendations based on their personal readiness or maturity levels.


  • Digitalise the decision-making process and save time.
  • Objectively assess readiness factors against specific criteria (financial, environmental, governmental or others).
  • Track efficiency of your actions.
  • Automatically generate personalised reports and recommendations for each assessment.
  • Employ advanced analytics and benchmarking.
  • Make your own or use existing tools.
  • Eliminate subjectivity and bias.
  • Say goodbye to decision fatigue and hello to confident choices.

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