Cross Re-Tour

Breaking silos in the tourism industry: cross domain open innovation supporting the twin transition for SMEs

Cross Re-Tour

The Cross-Re-Tour project supports the innovation of circular, green & digital operations of enterprises in the tourism industry. The project provides access to knowledge, tools & innovations. It connects tourism enterprises to frontrunners in the green and digital transition from outside the tourism industry to take on the transition journey jointly. In this way, Cross-Re-Tour aims to trespass boundaries between sectors in support of sustainable tourism.

Arctur`s Role

Arctur is responsible for developing an assessment tool to assess the readiness of Tourism SMEs for green and digital transition. We will cooperate with providing content for awareness raising, will support the Cross-Tour Open Innovation Programme and disseminate project results in Slovenia.

Program COSME
Project duration September 2023 — August 2026
Areas Tourism 4.0
Sector Tourism
Project website