3D digitisation and 3D viewers

Digital capture and storage of 3D objects using advanced technologies

The Challenge

Much like the role of photography in the 20th century, today 3D models are revolutionising the documentation, research and interpretation of heritage.

An accurate and aesthetically sophisticated collection of 3D models can be used to document the current state of a heritage monument, as well as contributing to further research.

3D models are the starting ground, the stepping stone, of any digital story: from virtual museums, virtual tours, and AR/VR/xR apps, to 3D printed replicas and souvenirs, or even in advanced research activities.


  • An all-encompassing service – from field capture to the final 3D model and its online hosting.
  • Photorealistic and accurate.
  • 3D point cloud or textured mesh options.
  • Export possible in various formats.
  • Accuracy and GNSS-RTK report included.
  • Hosting of viewable version of 3D models online, using our 3D viewer.
  • Online storage and viewer for large 3D models with progressive-loading and Embed functionalities.


Matevž Straus

T4.0 Technical Guidelines for digitisation.pdf

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