Portal for the Digital innovation of cultural heritage

One-of-a-kind portal with 3D models, 3D reconstructions and 360° photos, presenting the results of a two-year project involving 31 Slovenian tourist destinations.

Portal for the Digital innovation of cultural heritage 1/2
Project title Client: Ministry of Economic Development and Technology of the Republic of Slovenija
Start January 2022
Project website https://www.dikd.si/en/

Use case

The nationwide initiative to digitise 114 units of Slovenian cultural heritage as 3D models, and develop 31 new tourist products required an online presence where all data assets (including large 3D models) would be gathered and made available for browsing, viewing and re-use. 

A systematically and intuitively designed web-portal serves as an entry point to all digital data. Using a web-based 3D viewer with progressive loading, Arctur’s team solved the challenges of viewing large 3D models without specialist software or hardware.