The company

Mission Statement

At Arctur, we strive to bring innovative and user-friendly IT solutions to businesses, state and public institutions, research institutions and NGOs, enabling them to better serve and reach their customers.

Arctur - where creativity meets experience.


We are the leading service provider of supercomputing in Central Eastern Europe. Following the XaaS model, we lease the supercomputer along with the services of system administration, optimizing codes or parallelization, so our customers enjoy the benefits without obtaining their own equipment.

Our advanced IT solutions such as 4PM and ADS have become indispensable tools for optimizing activities at numerous companies and institutions. On the basis of exemplar cooperation with academic and scientific institutions and excellent network of international partners, we conduct in the highest level of investment, research and development. Rewardingly, it continuously expands our endeavors into more complex computing environments and continuously opens up new global IT markets.

Where are we?

Arctur's headquarters are located in Nova Gorica, in the western part of Slovenia, adjacent to the Italian border.

Distance from important cities:

Ljubljana, Slovenia - 107 Km

Milan, Italy - 401 Km

Vienna, Austria - 488 Km

Budapest, Hungary - 560 Km

Zagreb, Croatia - 237 Km

Distance from closest airports:

Brnik Airport (near Ljubljana) - 121 Km

Ronchi Airport (Italy)  25 Km

Venice Marco-Polo Airport (Italy) 137 Km



Arctur d.o.o.

Industrijska cesta 1a
SI-5000 Nova Gorica

phone: +386 5 3029070

Arctur d.o.o., Ljubljana Branch Office 
Brnčičeva 13
SI-1231 Ljubljana – Črnuče

Arctur d.o.o., Ljubljana Branch Office
Večna pot 113
SI-1000 Ljubljana


VAT ID number: SI76530566
company ID number: 5562325
registration number: 10204400
PIC number: 991568048

Direct Bank Transfer Details:
Bank Name: DBS d.d., Poslovalnica Nova Gorica,
Address: Ulica Tolminskih puntarjev 2, 5000 Nova Gorica, Slovenia
Beneficiary: Arctur d.o.o.

IBAN: SI56 1910 0001 1283 191



Today Arctur has 30 employees, 80% of those with university degree education. Combined, we have over than 250 man/years of experience in the field of ICT R&D, HPC, programming, ICT counselling and design/3D animation. Our mission and objectives, our creativity, innovativeness and our enthusiasm at work are the main factors of our success.



Key personnel:

Nejc Bat, Head of HPC & Cloud Computing Division.

Tristan Pahor, DataCenter Manager.

Vesna Kobal, 4PM Product Manager.

Andrej Košiček, AISense Gamma Product Manager.

Metka Špacapan, Web&MobileApp Project Manager.

Urška Starc Peceny, Chief Innovation Officer.

Aleksander Grum, senior consultant.

Darja Podgornik, CFO.

Martina Murovec, COO.

Tomi Ilijaš, CEO and President.