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Arctur as a provider of real-life experiences

23. 1. 2019 / eHealth, GOV & NGOs, Heritage, Industry, Tourism SME/HPC is European project co-funded by Erasmus+ Programme, where Arctur is participating with the aim to facilitate study visits, to provide real-life experiences and to develop a set of HPC training programmes.

SME/HPC takes a pioneering step towards improving the awareness about the innovative potential of HPC by SMEs by co-designing tailor-made courses delivering a coherent set of competences required for the application of HPC in SME and micro-enterprise contexts.  SME/HPC begins with a strategic dialogue yielding an assessment of the required HPC competences, continues with the development of innovative strategies for raising HPC awareness and building HPC skills, and finishes with testing the new educational material with HEIs and enterprises. Three semi-peripheral regions will pilot the SME/HPC methodologies of HEI-Business engagement and the HPC education material.

The key beneficiaries of SME/HPC are enterprises, with a particular focus on SMEs, acquiring both HPC competences and access to hard infrastructure. Furthermore, the positive experience and increased collaborative and cooperative engagement between HEIs and businesses will inspire future co-designing and co-implementation of innovative socio-economic solutions.

Other news

5. 12. 2023 / GOV & NGOs

Arctur Launches Local Initiatives for AI4VET4AI Project, Inspiring Students on the Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence

On December 5th, Arctur hosted 26 students from Higher Vocational College Nova Gorica, aiming to share our expertise and practices related to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

19. 10. 2023 / Industry

Supercomputing centres in Slovenia open their doors into the mysterious world of supercomputers

This week, Slovenia’s supercomputing centres are traditionally opening their doors to give visitors a glimpse into how the most powerful Slovenian supercomputers look. Among them is the EuroHPC VEGA,...

13. 10. 2023 / GOV & NGOs

Arctur contributed to the III. National DigNest Conference Digitalization during and after the Covid-19 pandemic

As a Dignest project partner, also Arctur contributed to the conference with the presentation "Pandemic and Digitalization of Cultural Heritage," delivered by Martina Golob, outlining the impact of...