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Arctur has joined forces with European research institutions to revolutionize breast cancer diagnosis

3. 6. 2022 / eHealth Arctur is involved in the revolutionary QUSTom R&D project. The project was successful in the first call of the Pathfinder Open - European Innovation Council (EIC). The Pathfinder program supports the most disruptive, innovative ideas that have the potential to set new standards and shape new markets internationally. The excellence of the project is highlighted by the fact that in the first call the European Commission evaluated a total of 868 projects and in the end selected only 56 of the most penetrating projects.

The consortia is coordinated by the Spanish Barcelona Supercomputing Center. In addition to Arctur, Karlsruher Institut für Technologie, Vall d'Hebron Research Institute - VHIR, FrontWave Imaging and Imperial College London are also involved in the project.

QUSTom (Quantitative Ultrasound Stochastic Tomography) aims to introduce a new medical imaging modality based for the first time on ultrasound and supercomputing, which will complement or even replace current techniques that use X-rays such as mammograms. This technology will be completely safe for patients as it does not use any type of radiation. It will also offer superior image quality and better monitoring of tumors, among other advantages.

Breast cancer is the most frequently diagnosed type of tumor in the world, with 2.3 million women diagnosed in 2020 (REf SEOM) and 700,000 deaths due to this disease that same year. Early detection is therefore essential, since, if successful, survival at 5 years after diagnosis is as high as 90%.

Arctur leads a working group where Arctur experts will help optimise and implement algorithms developed for the purpose of obtaining medical images. In addition, Arctur will be involved in marketing and disseminating project results.

Project coordinator Josep de la Puente, BSC, explains that QUSTom offers a great opportunity to take ultrasound imaging to the next level. "We are very ambitious and plan for validation of the technology within the project's lifetime. We are also working on a roadmap towards its actual exploitation, we don't want this technology sitting in the lab. We are leaving no stone unturned towards satisfying what is, in our eyes, an urgent need for the female population worldwide. The challenge is huge but all of our partners and associates are extraordinarily committed and motivated towards our mission", concludes de la Puente.

Find more information about the project here. 

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