Planet Positive Event: All-in-one event sustainability rating and certification digital tool for event organisers

5. 7. 2024 / GOV & NGOs, Industry, Tourism Arctur and Toleranca Marketing launch the Planet Positive Event, integrating a cutting-edge carbon footprint calculator and ESRS-compliant sustainability assessments to revolutionize event organization.

Arctur is proud to announce the release of the Planet Positive Event: an innovative go-to web-based digital tool that digitises and fully automates the event sustainability assessment and certification process, combining a cutting-edge carbon footprint calculator, objective criteria for sustainable events, a data-driven certification system and external assessment following the ESRS Standards for sustainable reporting as well as all other industry-relevant standards.

The Planet Positive Event assessment tool was developed jointly by Slovenian companies Toleranca Marketing and Arctur, each being among the leaders in its field in Europe.

Why must we change how we organise events?

Between 240,000 and 480,000 is the approximate number of events taking place per day in Europe. Corporate events represent 49.5%.

If the underlying cause behind unsustainability is human selfishness, hope for a sustainable future lies in collaboration, and sustainability is connected to the future.

31 July 2023 was a milestone date for European event organisers: the European Commission accepted the first set of European Sustainability Reporting Standards (ESRS) for use by all companies subject to the Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive (CSRD).

The CSRD represents a quantum leap from the previous Non-Financial Reporting Directive it had replaced, considerably increasing both the number of companies that are within the scope of the EU’s ESG reporting regime and the detail and extent of the ESG disclosures that must be published.

Remember, between 3 and 5 million is the approximate number of events taking place per day in the world, corporate events representing 49.5%, and recommendations and handbooks are no longer enough, ESG reporting requires concrete data.

A milestone development in certifying events’ sustainability

With the Planet Positive Event the event organizers can simply register, and once approved, start their work on the Planet Positive Event web platform, where they can conduct a straightforward self-assessment of their event’s sustainability. An external assessor then reviews and either confirms the assessment or seeks additional data. Once the assessment is finalized, the sustainability rating is automatically calculated, and a detailed report with a certificate that aligns perfectly with ESRS standards is automatically generated. 

Planet Positive Event assessment tool = Easy - Smart - Good 

Event organising is seen as a transformative process. Our tool guides event organisers to foster a positive impact on the planet. The calculated sustainability rating shows how successful we are in creating regenerative events, and here are some of the numbers that make the Planet Positive Event one of a kind:

  • 180 practical tips for organising sustainable events
  • 16 evaluation matrixes (94 obligatory and 241 recommendable criteria) and 1 SDG matrix to calculate the event’s regenerative ESG effects.
  • forms to calculate the carbon footprint, 1 carbon footprint calculator.
  • 1 automatically-generated and visually appealing report that includes the event’s sustainability rating and certificate.
  • external assessment by an independent expert assessor.
  • 3 standards for subcontractors (venues, catering companies, multimedia equipment providers).

All-in-one sustainability rating and certification

Although numerous tools focus on specific problems of sustainably transforming events, Arctur is proud to say that the Planet Positive Event is the first tool to seamlessly integrate a carbon footprint calculator, precise criteria for sustainable events, a certification system and external assessment following the ESRS Standards for sustainable reporting.

The (ESG) future is here, and the Planet Positive Event represents the solution applicable to all events of any type, size, or location.

Now the question is, can event organisers afford to continue organising events without a trustworthy and credible tool for sustainable event transformation?

Visit Planet Positive Event website for more.

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