Deploying and Demonstrating a 3D cultural heritage space


The 5Dculture project enriches the offer of European 3D digital cultural heritage assets in the data space and fosters their reuse in important domains such as education, tourism and the wider cultural and creative sectors towards socially and economically sustainable outcomes. The project facilitates the management, enrichment and reuse of 3D content and deploys a series of digital technologies and tools.

Arctur`s Role

ARCTUR is an important technological partner of the consortium, developing, improving and making available tools and components for 3D content storage, management and viewing of fashion and archaeological 3D content. Moreover, Arctur is developing solutions for storage capability of 3D models that are often characterised by a big file size. Among other things, Arctur takes an important role in communication and dissemination activities.

Program Digital Europe Programme
Project duration January 2023 — December 2024
Areas Digitalization, Heritage, Tourism 4.0
Sector Heritage
Project website https://5dculture.eu/