B-chain Agrifood

Blockchain for Agri-Food Educators

B-chain Agrifood

The Blockchain for agri-food educators project will improve the incidence and quality of agrifood higher educators’ provision of education and support in blockchain technologies spanning theories, methods, processes, and teaching concepts. Importantly, our training must not be solely technical: it must address the attitudinal, knowledge and skills barriers that the agrifood sector faces.

Arctur`s Role

ARCTUR, as a founding member of the Blockchain Alliance Europe actively engaged in transforming Europe into a global blockchain destination, is contributing to the project by improving the quality of agrifood higher education. It is providing training that supports the implementation of blockchain technologies in the agrifood sector. 

Program Erasmus+
Project duration September 2022 — August 2024
Areas Agriculture, Blockchain, Tourism 4.0
Sector Education
Project website https://blockchainforagrifood.eu/