Beyond Snow

Enhancing the Resilience of Alpine Space Snow Tourism Destinations and Communities to Climate Change

Beyond Snow

The BeyondSnow project deals with the consequences of climate change on the tourism sector in the Alps. It focuses in particular on small medium-altitude snow tourism destinations in the Alpine area promoting climate change adaptation and disaster risk prevention, and resilience, taking into account access-system-based approaches.

Arctur`s Role

ARCTUR is responsible for evaluation of the changing climate conditions, resilience evaluation of STD vulnerability, design of a Resilience Adaptation Model for Alpine STDs and its' conversion to a RDMT, implementation of co-design laboratories for development of strategies to strengthen STD resilience, pilot implementation of CC resilience-enhancing activities, stakeholders training and definition of resilience-oriented policy guidelines for Alpine Space STDs.


Funding: Alpine Space 2021-2027 (EUTC / EU funding / Project)
Total project budget: €2,720,729.99
ERDF funding: €1,944,472.49
Arctur total project budget: €174,380.00
ERDF funding: €130,785.00


Program Interreg Alpine Space
Project duration November 2022 — October 2025
Areas Tourism 4.0
Sector Tourism
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Beyond Snow

This project is co-funded by European Union in the framework of the Interreg Alpine Space Programme.