Excellerat P2

The European Centre of Excellence for Engineering Applications

Excellerat P2

The EXCELLERAT P2 project aims to tackle the ever-rising complexity of scientific and development endeavours. Thus, Exascale computing is the main focus, which will solve highly complex and costly engineering problems, and create enhanced technological solutions even at the development stage. The EXCELLERAT project offers a single point of access for expertise on how data management, data analytics, visualisation, simulation-driven design and Co-design with HPC can benefit engineering on Exascale level.

Arctur's role:

ARCTUR possesses extensive experience and expertise in web service development, positioning it as the leader in the development and maintenance of the EXCELLERAT service portal. Additionally, ARCTUR has garnered substantial experience in market research, enabling it to provide valuable support for market assessment activities. Serving as communication and dissemination experts, the team collaborates on these activities, infusing creative ideas into promotional materials and communication development.

Program Horizon Europe
Project duration January 2023 — December 2026
Areas Artificial Intelligence, High Performance Computing
Sector Industry
Project website https://www.excellerat.eu/