Inclusive Border Cycling

Inclusive Border Cycling - Social inclusion by valorising heritage along existing cycling routes in remote border areas

Inclusive Border Cycling

The Inclusive Broder Cycling project will support sustainable tourism and mobility by developing socially inclusive cycling trails that valorise local tangible and intangible heritage. Many cycling trails in the Danube region are facing challenges due to their location in peripheral border areas with demographic issues and infrastructure deficiencies. The IBC project aims to address these challenges by creating innovative tourism products and promote transnational marketing strategies.

Arctur's role

ARCTUR brings knowledge from Heritage+ and will support tourism destinations in creating unique tourist products/offer with advanced technologies elements.


Total budget of the project: 2.737.194,00 EUR

ERDF funding: 2.189.755,20 EUR 

Arctur total project budget: 95.420 EUR

ERDF funding: 66.336 EUR

Program Interreg Danube Transnational Programme
Project duration January 2024 — March 2026
Areas Heritage, Tourism 4.0
Sector Tourism
Project website 

IBC project is supported by the Interreg Danube Region Programme co-funded by the European Union