Quantitative Ultrasound Stochastic Tomography - Revolutionizing breast cancer diagnosis and screening with supercomputing-based radiation-free imaging.


The main objective of QUSTom project is to introduce a new medical imaging modality that can complement or even replace current modalities that use X-ray due to its safety, scalability and quality. Ultrasound imaging can be deeply enhanced by means of algorithms developed in the field of geophysical imaging. Such algorithms, based upon adjoint-state modelling and iterative optimization, provide quantitative images of human tissue with very high resolution.

Arctur`s Role

ARCTUR is responsible to support the tech tasks and help to optimise 3D HPC inversion software. Furthermore, ARCTUR is also covering communication and dissemination activities. 

Program Horizon Europe
Project duration April 2022 — October 2024
Areas Artificial Intelligence, Health, High Performance Computing
Sector eHealth
Project website https://www.qustom-project.eu/