Development of low-emission household appliances and verification systems


Within the R-NEA-SV project, Gorenje, together with partners Dewesoft and Arctur, will develop a low-emission washing machine and refrigerator, along with infrastructure and systems for the verification of household appliances. The newly established infrastructure and verification systems will enable the characterization and evaluation of extremely low amplitudes of noise, low-frequency noise, and the possibility of assessing and characterizing psychoacoustic parameters of noise.

Arctur`s Role

ARCTUR is responsible for conducting simulations and optimization of low-emission household appliances in the project.

Program NextGenerationEU
Project duration January 2023 — December 2025
Sector Industry

This project has been funded with support from the European Commission - Next Generation EU

Project announcements

31. 5. 2024

Cutting-Edge Acoustic Laboratory Unveiled

Gorenje, Dewesoft, and Arctur collaborate on a facility to advance low-emission household appliances

7. 2. 2024

R-NEA-SV EU-Funded Project

Development of Low-Emission Household Appliances and Verification Systems