Trusted European Media Data Spaces


The TEMS project will set up and deploy a secure and trusted data space to enable Audiovisual and Media organizations to cooperate by sharing and accessing data in a mutually advantageous manner and full compliance with the data protection legislation. In line with the European Data Strategy, TEMS’s Data Space will connect sub-dataspaces from various media-related sectors to form and search for interconnection with other European data spaces (notably Manufacturing and Tourism).

Arctur`s Role

Tourism cross sector cooperation with Media sector. Leading Media Data Space Operation  Computing power access & innovation sandboxing services. Contributing the use case in Innovation & New Media Formats with the Heritage content. Active participation in Media Data Ecosystem Adoption & Governance and Dissemination activities with focusing on the Media and cultural & creative industries innovation community engagement.

Program Digital Europe Programme
Project duration October 2023 — October 2026
Areas Big Data analysis, Digitalization, Tourism 4.0
Sector Tourism
Project website https://tems-dataspace.eu/