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4PM Project Management Application

Simplifying and empowering management and reporting of co-financed projects with 4PM

4pm web app oveview

The Challenge

In the public sector, co-financed projects frequently involve multiple funding sources and complexbudget-tracking, leading to potential errors, and substantial administrative and financial burdens.

4PM offers a streamlined solution, simplifying budget management, expense tracking, and team coordination. Efficiently tracking work hours per task minimizes the effort required to create timesheet reports.

4PM enhances project efficiency, empowering organizations to prioritize delivering quality outcomes.


Our multifaceted tools streamline project management. Planning with Gantt charts aids effective timeline visualization and activity scheduling. Task and milestone tracking simplifies delegation and progress monitoring. Budget tracking provides insights for resource allocation.

Simultaneous multi-project task monitoring ensures error-free reporting. Document management supports organized file access. These tools guarantee timely, budget-friendly, and error-free project completion.

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