Automated assessment tool home page on a smart tablet

Automated Assessment Tool

Advanced assessment and individualised progress-tracking for large respondent groups

Automated assessment tool home page on a smart tablet

The Challenge

The public sector is involved in various initiatives, from promoting digitalisation to enhancing sustainability in companies and destinations. However, these efforts can often rely on incomplete data and subjective strategies, leading to potential failures and a lack of efficiency tracking.

Conducting large-scale assessments for data collection demands significant human and financial investments. Even when assessments are carried out, they frequently yield only generalised results without personalised recommendations for respondents. This can hinder progress and decrease the efficiency of public sector initiatives.


  • Digitise and fully automate the assessment process for large-scale assessments.
  • Objective assessment for data-driven decision-making.
  • Adaptable to any criteria (environmental, financial governmental or others).
  • Track efficiency of your actions.
  • Automatically generate personalised reports with recommendations for each assessment.
  • Assess with multi-attribute decision modelling.
  • Employ advanced analytics and benchmarking.
  • Make your own or use existing tools.
  • Say goodbye to decision fatigue and hello to confident choices.

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