Laptop displaying municipal tender procedures web application.

ORD - Digitize Municipal Tender Procedures

Web-based application to simplify execution of public tenders for the co-financing of programs

Laptop displaying municipal tender procedures web application.

The Challenge

Each year, municipalities conduct public tenders to provide co-financing for activities and programs initiated by associations operating within their governance. The public tender execution process involves a significant amount of manual work, requiring tender administrators to meticulously handle all received applications.

The manual verification and scoring of applications, completion of numerous decision forms and contracts, and the manual archiving of all documentation contribute to a time-consuming process. These tasks demand substantial allocation of human resources and carries a high risk probability of errors, resulting in citizen dissatisfaction.


ORD is a web-based application that helps municipalities in implementing a streamlined and effective process for conducting public tenders. It standardizes procedures and simplifies the management of the entire process, promoting uniformity and enhancing transparency.

The user-friendly web-based application allows your associations to effortlessly access tender documents, submit applications, and generate reports for co-financed activities.

  • Transition from paper-based operations to digital.
  • Significant time savings.
  • Effective and transparent communication between the municipality and associations.
  • Reduction of errors and shortening of procedures.