A mobile device displays news from the Supreme Court of Slovenia.

Web solutions for GOV & NGOs

Distinctive web solutions for efficient, transparent and modern governance

A mobile device displays news from the Supreme Court of Slovenia.

The Challenge

Tailored for governmental and non-governmental organizations, our IT solutions are meticulously structured to meet your unique needs. 

Leveraging extensive experience in planning and developing websolutions for various stakeholders, including municipalities, government institutions, universities and different organizations, we deeply understand the unique needs and challenges faced by each entity. Through a comprehensive understanding of institutional systems and proactive engagement with stakeholders, we have gained crucial insights into their expectations and requirements. Our dedicated team is committed to crafting user-friendly IT solutions, including websites, applications, intranet systems, and more, that optimize information access, improve communication, and encourage active participation and engagement. With our expertise and a specialized approach to web design, we deliver digital solutions that precisely meet the distinct requirements of modern communities, meticulously tailored to the specific needs of each governmental and non-governmental institutions.


  • Our websites prioritize user-friendly design, ensuring ease of navigation for an optimal user experience.
  • Structured presentation of information on tenders, official announcements, projects, achievements, events, and other news for transparent operations.
  • Interactive and adaptive modules facilitate questions, suggestions and feedback, promoting stakeholder engagement.
  • Customizable functionalities tailored to the unique requirements of every government and non-governmental organization.
  • Dedicated modules designed for efficient functioning, supporting organizational councils, citizen services, interactive displays of budgetary allocations, and other versatile features.
  • Beyond our feature-rich solutions, we offer comprehensive support, regular maintenance, and secure hosting to ensure the longevity and reliability of your digital infrastructure

Our portfolio