Gostol - 3D animation of a bakery line

3D animation of a large and complex bakery line with more than 60 different machines.

Gostol - 3D animation of a bakery line 1/8
Start — end January 2021 — October 2023
Client Gostol Gopan d.o.o.

Use case

Understanding how advanced bakery production lines work can be quite tricky. It requires a refined understanding of the complex interplay between machinery and processes. Our client found themselves grappling with the task of effectively communicating the intricacies of their cutting-edge bakery lines. The need was not just a mere explanation but a compelling, user-friendly solution that could seamlessly showcase their groundbreaking production line, both at events and within the compelling narrative of their marketing materials. 

To tackle this challenge, we designed a comprehensive solution centered around the development of a complex 3D animation. Our primary goal was to simplify the bakery line's operation, making it easily understandable for a wide audience. By leveraging cutting-edge technology, we crafted a visual narrative that unfolded the entire process with remarkable clarity. This approach allowed us to provide our client with a versatile tool that could be effectively used across various platforms, from presentations and exhibitions to digital and print materials. Our 3D animation simplified the bakery line's complexities, making it a compelling narrative that clarifies and enhances understanding and serves as a dynamic asset for our client's marketing efforts.