A meeting is being held by the employees.


Web-based configurator to make quotation process of complex products simple

A meeting is being held by the employees.

The Challenge

Companies selling complex products with multiple add-on variations or production lines allocate extensive human resources to create and process quotes for their potential customers.

They often rely on traditional communication methods such as email and manual processes using Excel, Word and even paper.

This leads to inefficiencies in the sales cycle, as tracking and managing this process becomes time-consuming and error-prone. Those inefficiencies directly create suboptimal customer experiences resulting in unnecessary revenue loss.


At Arctur, we provide companies with a reliable tool designed to streamline the quotation process for complex products, empowering them with efficiency and effectiveness.

  • Enhanced sales productivity by transitioning away from manual processes such as email, Excel, and Word, resulting in time savings and error reduction.
  • Simplified product configuration ensuring accuracy in customization and minimizing errors.
  • Optimized resource utilisation enabling sales teams to focus on sales tasks rather than dealing with administrative complexities.
  • Increased profitability and margins by minimizing operational costs, optimizing resource allocation, and capitalizing on faster sales cycles.