Three employees are walking through a warehouse.


Web-based solution for comprehensive purchase process management with cooperatives and subcontractors

Three employees are walking through a warehouse.

The Challenge

Production companies rely heavily on cooperatives and subcontractors to provide essential components and products vital to their operations. These collaborations create a pivotal network that ensures the smooth functioning of the production process.

Nevertheless, when these interactions are handled manually, involving processes like inquiry execution, bid submission, and communication with cooperatives, it frequently results in inefficiencies, errors, and prolonged time consumption, ultimately causing production delays.

Efficient communication and streamlined processes are imperative within the intricate production network.


As the demand for precise and punctual production continues to soar, the adoption of cutting-edge technology and automated systems becomes essential.

Introducing digital solutions for inquiry execution, bid submission, and communication can significantly elevate the efficiency of the entire production chain.

  • Enhanced efficiency, translating into time savings and a more streamlined workflow.
  • Increased transparency throughout the process, enabling tracking of inquiry and bid statuses, as well as overall progress.
  • Informed decision-making facilitated by the system's analytical tools, offering insights into cooperative engagement and performance.
  • Accelerated confirmation processes, leading to quicker acceptance of offers, reducing the risk of delays, and ensuring smoother project timelines, thereby enhancing cost-effectiveness and operational efficiency.