4PM for the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia

Promoting economic growth by facilitating business expansion thanks to a solid network that provides important support services for domestic and international companies.

Start September 2019
Client Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Slovenia
Project website https://www.4pm.si/en/

Use Case

Managing multiple projects with interlinked resources is a major challenge, especially when it comes to documenting the work of employees and the costs incurred. Entering this information manually is time-consuming and leads to unnecessary reporting errors. In addition, calculating payroll vouchers in such a large organisation is a complex and time-consuming task.

By integrating 4PM into our workflow, we have gained an efficient project management tool that gives us an up-to-date and comprehensive overview of all co-financed projects and their activities. With 4PM, we can take timely action in case of deviations as we have full control over projects and project teams. An additional benefit is the simplified reporting, as timelines can be exported with just a few clicks. The automated creation of payroll vouchers captures all relevant organisation data and drastically reduces the time required to create calculations. We also appreciate the fast content and technical support, which is an important added value for us.