Colocation - Comcom

Datacenter infrastructure for hosting the IT equipment used for virtual power plant operations

Start January 2018
Client COMCOM d.o.o.
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Use Case

Virtual power plants encounter the complex task of efficiently integrating diverse energy sources, including renewables, storage systems, and demand response mechanisms, to establish a unified and adaptable energy ecosystem.The client's platform gathers data from multiple sources, including power exchanges, transmission system operators, and weather providers. These insights are leveraged to manage distributed energy resources effectively.

Ensuring high availability of this service is paramount. Relying solely on an on-premises server room presents challenges due to various limitations such as hardware failures, network issues, and susceptibility to natural disasters, all of which can impact service availability.

The solution lies in a scalable and resilient platform that offers high availability, low-latency data processing, and stringent security measures, enabling the seamless orchestration of these elements for effective energy management. With our datacenter infrastructure we provide the customer a combination of redundancy, scalability, and proactive measures to minimize downtime of the service our customer provides.