New portal Digital innovation of cultural heritage

date: 23.09.2022

category: News

1 leading tourist destinations produced 118 3D models of Slovenian cultural heritage, many short films, 360-degree photos, 360-degree videos, and other multimedia assets as part of the Digital Innovation of Cultural Heritage tender by the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology. New digital assets are included in new five-star tourist experiences, a part of "Slovenia Unique Experience" brand.

The new digital materials are also collected and presented in the national portal Digital innovation of cultural heritage - DIKD. The DIKD portal was produced for the Ministry by the high-tech company Arctur.

The DIKD portal enables easy insight into 3D models, no special software, using ordinary computers or mobile devices. The portal is among the most technologically advanced, even at the European level, as it enables the storage, viewing and management of large 3D models. The user can browse the rich collection, view the rich details (metadata) of 3D models and cultural heritage units. The presented 3D models are available for re-use in other web pages (embed) for tourism professionals, creative industries and tourists. The DIKD Portal promotes use of 3D models for promotional, research, educational and other purposes. 3D models are included in Europeana ( – the European portal of digital cultural heritage, and submitted to national archives.

With this initiative, Slovenia paved the way to become a leading country in Europe by creating unique tourist experiences using digital innovation of cultural heritage. As part of the prestigious international award "ECTN Awards 2021 - Destination of Sustainable Cultural Tourism 2021", Slovenia has already been awarded in the category "Digitalisation in Sustainable Cultural Tourism, towards Smart Destinations".

Visit the portal and explore cultural heritage in a digital format.