4PM - a web solution for your projects

4PM – online project management tool

Increase business efficiency and manage tasks and teamwork with ease. 4PM helps you meet project budget and deadlines! 4PM has a broad spectrum of features that can cater all your work organizational needs:

  • Project management  -  Optimize project management as a whole. Manage all tasks and assignments, schedule your deadlines and co-workers according by their resource load.
  • Finances  -  Content-term planning is just a part of 4PM since you can also plan financial resources/budget, flat rates, co-financed shares. Tracking cost realization is a must – be aware of expenses, personnel costs, revenues (claims), etc.
  • Team coordination  -  Enhance team collaboration and its productivity and decrees time spent in meetings and writing e-mails to your co-workers by up to 30%. Bust project visibility and history overview with task and project comments that are linked with e-mails.
  • Worked hours overview  -  Record time spent on projects or for other work as time recording allows you to track personnel costs, work done, automatic fulfilment of timesheets and other analytics. Work entries can be done on a daily, weekly or monthly basis. Use integrated monthly timesheets for EU-reporting or payroll.
  • Administration  -  Have all information in one safe place. All employees with their contacts, contracts, roles, positions, share of employment and personalized settings. Manage leaves trough an approval system and have a collective overview of all leaves.
  • Documents storage  -  Safely store and share documents. 4PM has a cloud storage so all the important documents can be available from anywhere, anytime and on any device. All documents have its history review and access to old versions.
  • Reporting  -  Different co-financed and R&D timesheets are integrated in the 4PM system. They are automatically fulfilled and ready to report in no time. No more mistakes, no double funding and no more complicated audits. Gantt-chart and other analytical overviews equips you with more efficient and data-based decision-making skills.

View all 4PM features and functionalities.

You can customize features to your needs and integrate 4PM within pre-existing IT solutions. We are at your disposal for any additional information you might want.


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Partner search

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