The Fastest Gamma-Ray Source Localization

Arctur is working closely as a partner with a radiation instrumentation specialist AISense d.o.o. on the promotion and further development of innovative gamma-ray source locator.

AISense Gamma IV is the world's first true real-time gamma-ray locator. The device is distinct from all other available in the marketplace in that it is the first handheld instrument that provides the direction vector towards a gamma-ray source in real time, within the entire solid angle of possible directions. This fundamentally changes the way gamma-ray sources are searched for and results in a dramatic shortening of search operations. Consequently, a significantly lower radiation dose is received by the personnel. Additionally, the device is able to acquire gamma-ray energy spectral information and use it for subsequent radionuclide identification (Nuclide ID). The device detects the presence of neutrons as well.

Areas of Application

AISense Gamma IV is a game changing tool in:

  • Customs, Ports - inspection of goods, traffic, cargo, people…
  • Fire Brigade, First Responders - fast elimination of danger in emergencies…
  • Military, Navy - elimination of radiation hazard, dirty bomb detection…
  • Nuclear Facilities - regular check, installations, waste, storage…
  • Steel Industry - control of sources, used in industry…
  • Environmental Agencies - inspection of environment and industry… 

A dedicated military version is being developed to comply with demanding NATO standards. User feedback and recommendations from different military units were taken into account, maintaining the innovative core functionality while improving important military-specific aspects, starting with chassis design. The robust and reliable device will change the game in gamma-ray source localization process.


Although primarily designed to be used as a handheld device, it can be connected (waterproof wired or via switchable Bluetooth®) to a smart device, a personal computer (Windows or Linux, Mac OS on demand) or other digital system capable of serial communication for complete remote monitoring and control

Demanding analysis of very complex spectra (e.g. with more nuclides and significant scattering) are known to be processing power hungry. The process can be boosted by leveraging the processing power of smart devices or even by usage of in-cloud HPC.

Key Technical Specifications

Gamma Spectroscopic Detector

25,4 mm (1”) diameter * 25.4 mm (1”) CsI(Tl) with Silicon Photomultiplier (SiPM)
Possibility of other detection materials on demand

Neutron Detector

Available options of neutron detection with different detection materials

Energy Range for Angular Sensitivity

40 keV - 10 MeV

Gamma Spectrum

4096 channels 0 - 2.8 MeV
Measurement range 30 keV – 2.8MeV
Typical Resolution 7 % FWHM at 662 keV

Dose Rate / Accuracy (Cs-137)

0.08 μGy/h – 2 mGy/h: ±20%

Service Interval

Recommended five year factory maintenance interval


Measures the direction, dose rate and energy spectrum of gamma radiation, detects neutrons, selectively sensitive to special nuclear, industrial or medical material


Immediate angular detection, nuclide ID from seconds to minutes


Key Acquisition Terms

Terms of Delivery

2-4 months ARO

Default Warranty

12 Months

Price Range

20.000 EUR – 50.000 EUR (depending on configuration) excluding VAT

Contact Information

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