AISense Gamma IV received Silver Innovation Award from the Slovenian Chamber of Commerce

9. 10. 2018 / Industry The world's first true real-time gamma-ray locator thus received one more important recognition on the national level. The instrument differs from all other available in the marketplace in that it is the first handheld instrument that provides the direction towards a gamma-ray source in real-time, within the entire solid angle of directions. It introduces new standards in myriad different situations. The airport/aerospace sector is an interesting case of its versatility.


Airport Use Case: Monitoring traffic/people/baggage

The reading on the remote device is identical to the reading on AISense GammaThe unit is mounted on a tripod at a checkpoint or by a road/walkway/conveyor belt side. The operator is situated somewhere nearby and has the readings available in remote mode on a e.g. tablet. The unit will set an alarm when the increased radioactivity level is measured and will show the direction towards the source. The operator can, to determine the very exact location of the source (e.g. within a group of people or within a baggage), approach the unit, take it from the tripod and approach the indicated spot.


Aircraft Use Case: Monitoring landscape/buildings/…

Dedicated version (currently a prototype) of the unit is mounted on the aircraft, software allows integration into various control systems. Bundling with GPS data to allow the fastest micro localization of the radioactive source from flyover is possible.


Mount on the light aircraft for a rough survey of the terrain.



Mount on the rotor drone for a detailed inspection of a building or an area.

Read more about AISense Gamma IV Locator.

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