Arctur Team: 126 km cycled and 65 laps of run for good purpose

18. 12. 2021 / eHealth, GOV & NGOs, Heritage, Industry, Tourism After 126 km cycling and 65 laps running, Arctur Team contributed to the common budget for purchasing much-needed therapeutic accessories for the protégés of the VDC in Nova Gorica.

Arctur supports all kinds of charitable activities in the Goriška region because one of Arctur´s guidelines is to help the local community thus social responsibility is part of our business model and business performance.

On Saturday, 18th December, Arctur Team joined over 200 participants who were running & cycling to support VDC Nova Gorica, a public social welfare institution, to purchase a new therapeutic device – a special bicycle that will support and fasten up the recovery from the head or the spine injury. The event was supported also by Anej Doplihar, para–cycler, who showed with more than 40 circles that with a b will anything is possible.

The good vibes invited also people who passed by the event and contribute donations. 

And results?

In total, 1709 laps were run, 1.130 km were cycled and more than EUR 5.500 fund was raised within the 6-hour Goricatlon event. Arctur Team contributed 65 laps of run and 126 km cycled. 

The initiator of this event, Tomi Ilijaš, Arctur´s CEO, stays optimistic also for future events. He is looking forward to the jubilee 10th Goricatlon in 2022, which could become the first charitable triathlon in Slovenia, by adding swimming in the local swimming pool. 

Find more information about Goricatlon here. 

Read the Radio Robin article here. 


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