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12. 12. 2018 / Industry ... is a European Centre of Excellence for Engineering Applications. The Centre is an initiative of several European High Performance Computing Centres.

We teamed up to support several key engineering industries in Europe in dealing with complex applications using HPC technologies. We conduct research, provide leadership, guidance on good practice, user support mechanisms as well as training and networking activities to our community. Our goal is to help Europe leverage scientific progress in HPC driven engineering and address current economic and societal challenges.


The setup of EXCELLERAT complements the current activities of each HPC centre involved and enables the development of next-generation engineering applications. The aim of EXCELLERAT is to support the engineering community at a level that no single HPC provider can.

Our vision for the Centre is summarised in the following objectives:

  • Provide the HPC and engineering community with easy access to relevant services and knowledge
  • Provide the HPC and engineering community with access to niche expertise in applications development and offered hardware
  • Support the community with targeted training and networking activities
  • Integrate EXCELLERAT users in the evolution of the Centre
  • Strengthen European competitiveness in the domain of HPC driven engineering through excellent research in the areas of developing, scaling and optimising applications
  • Apply innovative engineering solutions enabled by HPC technologies to real world problems
  • Facilitate technology transfer from academia to industry in order to enable the latter deliver better, innovative solutions with reduced time to market


Other news

5. 12. 2023 / GOV & NGOs

Arctur Launches Local Initiatives for AI4VET4AI Project, Inspiring Students on the Frontiers of Artificial Intelligence

On December 5th, Arctur hosted 26 students from Higher Vocational College Nova Gorica, aiming to share our expertise and practices related to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

19. 10. 2023 / Industry

Supercomputing centres in Slovenia open their doors into the mysterious world of supercomputers

This week, Slovenia’s supercomputing centres are traditionally opening their doors to give visitors a glimpse into how the most powerful Slovenian supercomputers look. Among them is the EuroHPC VEGA,...

13. 10. 2023 / GOV & NGOs

Arctur contributed to the III. National DigNest Conference Digitalization during and after the Covid-19 pandemic

As a Dignest project partner, also Arctur contributed to the conference with the presentation "Pandemic and Digitalization of Cultural Heritage," delivered by Martina Golob, outlining the impact of...