Gorenje - HPC infrastructure for CFD simulations

HPC infrastructure for CFD simulations in development of household appliances to enable prediction of various physical quantities in appliances

Start January 2021
Client Gorenje gospodinjski aparati d.o.o.

Use Case

In order to measure physical quantities such as temperature, air velocity, pressure and heat losses in household appliances many appliance prototypes are needed for development of the final product. Our customer is using CFD simulations to enable prediction of those physical quantities resulting in significant reduction of prototypes needed. However, these simulations, depending on the case considered, can be very computationally intensive and consequently time consuming.

CFD calculations can be very successfully divided and run simultaneously on several processor cores, thus greatly accelerating. Using our HPC infrastructure we provided our customer the ability reduce to harness the computational power of HPC with a large number of computing cores resulting in  faster and cheaper development process and at the same time better understanding of physical behaviour is obtained.