Digital room e-Castles of Posavje

Inspired by the dark cellars of castles, interpreted in a modern way, a dark room in Čatež Thermal Resort with holograms, VR glasses and LCD screens invites visitors to explore 7 castles of Posavje region.

Digital room e-Castles of Posavje 1/4
Start — end January 2020 — December 2021
Client Regional Development Agency Posavje

Use Case

Castles are one of the main tourist attractions of Posavje, and a defining feature of the region’s architectural and cultural landscape. The main wish of the RRA Posavje as the regional development agency was to develop digital content and experiences involving 7 locations in Posavje.

Inspired by the dark cellars of castles, re-interpreted in a modern way, we designed the dark room with hand-drawn pictures of castles, spot lighting, and wooden stools. Special attention was given to background music, a modern interpretation of medieval music. The intention was to evoke a sense of surprise as one steps from the world of pools into a dark, medieval world of castles.