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Winemaking and winegrowing of Banovina Virštanj

Establishing a new meeting place for wine-growers, wine-makers and wine-lovers using state-of-the-art new media solutions.

Winemaking and winegrowing of Banovina Virštanj 1/2
Project title Client: Tourism Podčetrtek, Bistrica ob Sotli and Kozje, GIZ
Start — end January 2020 — December 2021
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Use Case

Virštanj near Podčetrtek presents and invites one to experience the rich winemaking and winegrowing traditions of Virštanj. Our client requesteda multi-purpose solution for two floors of the recently renovated Banovina Virštanj cellar.

The main idea behind the project was to present the Virštanj winegrowing region to the visitors – thus the technology was incorporated as part of a wider wine-tasting and wine-tour experience.

The building is comprised of a wine cellar with wine-tasting offerings; the ground floor, which serves as a common space with an object recognition table and exhibition and doubles as a venue for wine-related events; and a VR room in the attic with several VR glasses, offering an insight into the lifecycle of grapevine and the life at the vineyard.