Measuring tourism impact in Postojna

As one of Slovenia's top tourist destinations, Postojna seeks to understand the impact of tourism on its economy, environment, and society. Accurate measurements are essential for effective management and sustainable growth.

Measuring tourism impact in Postojna

Since 2019, the Municipality of Postojna was involved with TIM. Notably, they were involved in the Space Data for Tourism Impact Model (SD4TIM) initiative by the European Space Agency (ESA).

Use case

Postojna aimed to enhance their tourism analytics by obtaining more precise measurements of tourism’s actual impact. However, they faced challenges in accessing, consolidating and analysing data from different sources. As a result, they lacked clarity on which data was critical for their analysis.

TIM helped Postojna overcome their data challenges by providing a framework for accurate data collection, analysis, and interpretation. Using TIM, Postojna was able to identify critical data sources, remove inconsistencies, and gain a more comprehensive understanding of tourism's impact. As a result, they could make informed decisions to improve management and sustainability.

Through the SD4TIM project, TIM also allowedPostojna to integrate satellite data about air quality into their analytics, thus making it more accurate.